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Crane Services Miami Florida : Other Rentals and Services

On The Spot Crane & Rigging Services

Other Rentals & Services

In addition to hydraulic crane and boomtruck lifting solutions, On The Spot Crane Services offers a variety of related equipment rentals and services such as the following:

  • S220 Bobcat: Equipment Rental Miami FL
    Bobcat Service
    Jack hammer & solid tires

    Our S220 Bobcat equipment is tailor-made for power and manueverability. It comes in handy for a broad range of applications such as landscaping, construction clean-up, hurricane recovery or junk removal.

  • Forklift: Equipment Rental Miami FL
    Forklift Service
    From 2,000 to 10,000 lb lifting capacities

    Our industrial-strength forklifts come in handy when for lifting, moving, loading and unloading all types of bulk items or heavy materials. They are invaluable for warehouse logistics and material handling.

  • Roll-Off Truck: Equipment Rental Miami FL
    Roll-Off Trucks
    Containers from 10 to 40 yards

    As our roll-off truck raises its hydraulically operated bed, its container (or dumpster) rolls off the bed. After the container is filled, the roll-off truck picks it up again using a cable and winch system.

  • Flatbed/Lowboy Truck: Equipment Rental Miami FL
    Specialized Transportation
    Flatbed drop deck & double drop deck

    We have a fleet of modern trucks ranging from flatbeds to lowboys available for hourly rental within South Florida. Our dispatchers are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your convenience.

  • Welding/Torch Work: Equipment Rental Miami FL
    Welding & Torch Work
    Pipe/beam cutting, fabrication & repairs

    We offer expert torch work for cutting into HVAC equipment, pipes and steel beams, along with complete welding facilities for fabricating air conditioning equipment stands and making repairs.

  • Demolition/Scrapping: Equipment Rental Miami FL
    Demolition & Scrapping
    Dismantling & removal of metal and HVAC equipment

    We are licensed to recover freon as well as licensed scrap dealers specializing in the demo and disposal of boilers, water tanks, air handlers, chillers, duct work, pipe and cooling towers.


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Boomtrucks & Hydraulic Cranes

  • 2892 Sterling Manitex
    28 ton, 92ft boom
  • 38100 Sterling Manitex
    40 ton, 100ft + 65ft and swing away jib
  • 38124 Sterling Manitex
    40 ton, 124ft + 36ft and swing away jib
  • Terex Boom Truck
    60 ton, 110ft + 57ft and swing away jib
  • Specialized Transportation
    Demolition & scrapping services

Rigging & Crane Accessories

  • "A" Frames (A-Frames)
  • Block Forks
  • Fork Attachments
  • Grapple Buckets (Grappling Buckets)
  • Moon Buggies
  • Spreader Bars
  • Specialized Rigging
  • Trash Boxes
  • many other rigging & crane accessories

Other Equipment & Services

  • Bobcats
    Jack hammer & solid tires
  • Forklifts
    From 2,000 to 10,000 lb lifting capacities
  • Roll Off Trucks
    Dumpsters from 10 to 40 yards
  • Tractor/Trailers
    Flatbed drop deck & double drop deck
  • Welding & Torch Work
    Pipe/beam cutting, fabrication & repairs
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